The United States is home to literally thousands of towns and cities to visit and explore. Frankenmuth, located in the state of Michigan, is one city you should take time out to travel to, if only to experience its uniqueness and charisma. It’s often called “little Bavaria”, reflecting the culture and traditions of the German state, whose people were the early settlers in this part of Michigan. In fact, Frankenmuth is a derivative of two German words, Franken (the inhabitants of Bavria) and Muth (German for courage), signifying its people’s heritage.

Aside from its German sounding name, the city’s timber-framed buildings and houses, influenced by Bavarian architecture, will have you wondering if you’re even still in the US! Take a walk or drive through its famous covered wooden bridge, enjoy a riverboat cruise along the Cass River, learn more about its history at the Frankenmuth Historical Association, or revel in a horse-drawn carriage ride along its streets.

Frankenmuth StreetsBavarian InnBavarian Inn Flickr: grimbaldWooden Covered BridgeWooden Covered Bridge Flickr: Christopher Woodrich Old MillOld Mill Flickr: acrylicartist Frankenmuth sunsetFrankenmuth Sunset Flickr: tabithablue Balloons in FrankenmuthBalloons in Frankenmuth Flickr: Gerry Buckel Frankenmuth by NightFrankenmuth by Night Flickr: christoepher Wooden Bridge by Night



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