Live like a nomad in Mongolia

There’s something about living in a yurt, herding yak and spending days horse riding that is insanely reinvigorating for the soul. This back of beyond destination is one of the last few places left on earth where life continues, as it has, for hundreds of years. Venture forth on the adventure of a lifetime as you tackle thousands of endless miles along the Mongolian steppe…and you step right back in time to a day when man’s only aim was to simply survive. Sleep on an animal-skin rug, live in close proximity with a local family, drink mare’s milk and eat fried mutton for sustenance for a few weeks and you’ll never again take all your homely comforts for granted. Follow your soul on a journey of self-discovery and a return to the most basic human state of all: simply ALIVE!

Camels in the Gobi Desert
Goats of Mongolia CC-BY
Goats of Mongolia 500px: MilkyWay CC-BY
Sunset in inner Mongolia
Horseback in Mongolia
Sunset in Mongolia
Altai, Mongolia CC-BY
No Ride Day 500px: Battuta Images CC-BY
Inner Mongolian Sunset CC-BY-ND
The explosion | 500px: Tang Chen CC-BY-ND