9 Spectacular Cathedrals

Whether you’re religious or not, it’s easy to appreciate the immense beauty of these buildings. What differentiates a cathedral from a church is the seat of a Bishop; Specific to Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Lutheran and Methodist faiths, cathedrals are central to a diocese governed by an Episcopal hierarchy. As with the vast majority of religious buildings, cathedrals are famous for their architecture, inside and out; many of which are now UNESCO world heritage sites. Often taking centuries to build, cathedrals are important works of art visited by millions of travellers every year. Take a glance at some of the ones we have chosen from Russia to Spain.

Notre Dame, Paris, France
Notre Dame, France
St. Nicholas, Washington D.C, US
St. Nicholas, Washington D.C, US | Flickr: Harry Pherson
Cologne Cathedral
Cologne, Germany
York Minster, England
York Minster, England | Flickr: Alex Brown
Santa Maria del Fiore, Italy
Santa Maria del Fiore, Italy | Flickr Maelick
Morelia Cathedral, Mexico
Morelia Cathedral, Mexico | Flickr:Jiuguang Wang
Zaragoza Cathedral, Spain
Zaragoza, Spain | Flickr: Juanedc.com
Ottawa Basilica, Canada
Basilica in Ottawa, Canada | Flickr: Paul Bica
Moscow,Russia,Red square,view of St. Basil's Cathedral
Saint Basil’s, Russia