The 21 New Wonders of The World

Alhambra, Spain

In 2000, over 200 impressive sites were shortlisted, 21 became finalists and this list was ultimately whittled down to the 7 New Wonders of the World.

Where to See Greek Ruins | A Chronological Travel Guide

Parthenon and Herodium construction on Acropolis Hill, Athens

Explore the history of the Greek Empire and where it was located & read a breakdown of the best places to see Greek ruins including Greece, Turkey & Italy.

A Brief History of Travel and Tourism

Matsumoto Castle, Nagano, Japan

Take a trip with us exploring the history of travel and tourism from the days of the grand tour to the birth of modern tourism with trains and aeroplanes.

Top 10 Artisans of The World

Glass Blowing in Murano, Italy

There are many incredibly skilled Artisans, from the knife makers of Tibet to the luthiers of Madrid, here is a rundown of the top 10 artisans of the world.

30 Incredible European Medieval Castles

Malbork Castle, Poland

Some of the most impressive architecture in Europe is showcased in its medieval castles. Join us as we take a journey through Europe in the Middle Ages.