Cloud Gate was built between 2004 and 2006 in the middle of the AT&T  Plaza in Millennium Park, Chicago, USA by artist Anish Kapoor. Weighing 110 tones, it’s formed from a seamless set of polished stainless steel plates. Measuring 66 feet long and 33 feet high, the structure has a 12ft tall arch where tourists and photographers alike can see their reflections while walking underneath this beautiful piece of art. Some of the best times to visit Cloud Gate are at night when the colourful lights bounce off the plates from the surrounding sky scrapers, and during winter when the ice and snow provide a weird and wonderful texture, perfect for photographs.

Cloud Gate in the DayFlickr: rmloweMillennium ParkFlickr: robhursonCloud Gate at Night500px CC BY-SA: George HutchinsonBlack and White Sky ScrapersFlickr: cmichel67Cloud Gate at NightFlickr: gabdurakhmanovWinter in ChicagoFlickr: papalarsCloud Gate Close UpFlickr: papalarsChicago at NightFlickr: fischerfotos



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