There are so many amazing sights to see in the world above ground – cities, mountains, beaches, rivers – but what about the world underneath the sea? If you are a keen explorer, there is a weird and wonderful array of delights waiting for you beneath the waves. Even first-timers can board a boat for a guided ‘discovery dive’. One of the most famous places in the world to go scuba diving is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and rightly so, for it is home to a kaleidoscope of coral, giant clams and squishy sea cucumbers. Everything is so big and so colourful; there is so much to take in.

If you’re lucky they will send a photographer down with you. These guys dive so often, they have a special relationship with the sea-life, able to direct huge fish like the blue Maori Wrasse into photo opportunities with you. Giant turtles are fans of red seaweed and you can hand feed them, as the photographer records the moment. You can even find Nemo among the anemone. Sadly, the Great Barrier reef is dying, so now is the time to see it. Natural and manmade erosions mean this UNESCO World Heritage site won’t look like this for long: there are only a few years left, so book your plane tickets now for an underwater experience you won’t forget.

Great Barrier ReefThe Great Barrier ReefThe Great Barrier Reef Flickr: sineadfriel Clownfish on the Great Barrier ReefClownfish on the Great Barrier Reef Wikicommons: Brynn Lion FishLion Fish Flickr: tasosviglas Jelly Fish on the Great Barrier ReefElisabeths ChromodorisElisabeths Chromodoris Flickr: tasosviglas A variety of colourful corals on Flynn Reef near CairnsA variety of colourful corals on Flynn Reef near Cairns Wikicommons: Toby Hudson Clown Fish on the Great Barrier Reef



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