Nature’s Gift – Incredible Volcanic and Meteor Craters

The world is full of incredible craters created hundreds of thousands and even a few million years ago. There are several different types of crater, created in massively different conditions; meteor craters are impact impressions left by meteorites striking the earth, whereas volcanic craters are depressions in the ground created by volcanic activity. Whilst some are small, innocent-looking lakes by now, others are so extensive it is virtually impossible to perceive their full size at eye level.

One such wonder is Namibia’s Roter Kamm Crater which is estimated to be up to 5 million of years old. It’s over two and half kilometres long and over 120 metres deep. South Africa’s Tswaing Crater is only marginally smaller, yet nearby high hills make it much easier to admire in full. Yet if you want to see an impact crater which really looks like an impact crater, then best make tour way to Arizona. The aptly named Meteor Crater is one of the world’s best-preserved specimens and one of its most surreal sights.

Catarata Del Toro, Costa Rica

Kondyor Massif, Russia

Emerald Lake Craters, and Mt Ngauruhoe, NZ

Lake Hnausapollur, Iceland

Timanfaya National Park, Volcanic Crater, Morocco

Nevado de Toluca National Park, Mexico

Kelimutu Crater at Sunrise, Indonesia

Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

Crater Lake, Oregan, USA