23 Photos of Germany’s Incredible Architecture, Nature and Art

It’s not often you find a country so jam-packed full of fascinating buildings and beautiful national parks, but this is one of those times! Germany plays host to a staggering 39 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, broken down into 37 cultural and 2 natural sites. Not included in that list is a long line of medieval castles, cathedrals and other intricate structures that Germany seems to ooze.

Furthermore, travel in Germany is incredibly easy with a solid network of public transportation and large, well-developed cities spanning the whole country. Germany is also blessed with a vibrant art scene and a world-famous nightlife, creating one of the most unique cultures in the world. Take a look at some of these incredible sights and we’re sure you’ll be booking your flights soon!

Cityscape of Nuremberg, Bavaria

Cityscape of Nuremberg, Bavaria

Moritzburg Castle, Moritzburg

The East Side Gallery, The Wall, Berlin

The Luebecker Dom, Schleswig Holstein

Luca the lynx, Joe Bodermann’s Wildlife Park, Höfer

Cochem Castle, Rhineland

Candidplatz, Munich

Cityscape of Dresden, Saxony

The Moated Castle, Hamburg

Surfing in Munich, yes, Munich!

Heidelberg Castle, Heidelberg, Baden Wurttemberg

Church of Our Lady, Trier

St Michael’s Church, Hildesheim, Lower Saxony

The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Potsdam Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam

Bavarian Forest National Park, Lower Bavaria

Bamberg, Bavaria

Former Supreme Court Building, Leipzig

Burghausen Castle, Bavaria

Cologne Cathedral and the Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne

Yenidze Cigarette Factory, Dresden

The Berliner Dom, Berlin

Berchtesgadener Land, Bavaria

Berchtesgadener Land, Bavaria