Gliding past herds of unsuspecting zebra, hyena, wildebeest, elephants and lions is a most unforgettable experience for anyone who dreams of Africa. Yes, you could spend weeks on the back of a 4WD riding for mile after endless mile of scorched savannah looking for a blond tuff of hair, or you could soar high above the endless plains and have the best of Africa right under your nose. Ballooning over the Maasai Mara as the sun peeks its first rays over the horizon is truly the stuff of dreams. On this remarkable journey, you’ll get picked up in the dead of night, escorted to a nearby airfield and guided on the most remarkable, captivating safari of your life.

Sunrise balloon flight in KenyaPhoto – Flickr – Kate Morning Balloon in Masaai MaraPhoto – 500px – Ratta Pak CCBY African Balloon RideFirst Light Maasai Mara Balloon RidePhoto – 500px – Ratta Pak Sunrise Balloon Ride, KenyaAerial view of Mt Kilimanjaro



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