If you love traveling, you will undoubtedly of heard of UNESCO; The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization whose primary goal is to preserve cultural and natural heritage sites deemed to be of outstanding value to humanity. In a world with a unnecessary amount of destruction, UNESCO strives to seek out and protect these World Heritage Sites for our education and appreciation for centuries to come.

One of the advantages to having a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is it makes it much easier to put together photos of some of the most breathtaking sites on the planet! There are over 1000 World Heritage Sites in total, so we’ve compiled a list of 25 of our favourites for you, enjoy!

1 – Yellow Stone National Park – USA

Morning Glory Pool, Yellowstone National ParkMorning Glory Pool Flickr: daveynin

2 – The Historic Centre of Bukhara – Uzbekistan

Exterior wall of the Ark, The Historic Centre of BukharaExterior wall of the Ark Flickr: Dan Lundburg

3 – Canaima National Park – Venezuela

Canaima National Park, VenezuelaFlight through Canaima National Park Flickr: timsnell

4 – Virunga National Park – Democratic Republic of Congo

Baby Gorilla, Virunga National Park, DRCBaby Gorilla in Virunga Flickr: kwitaizina

5 – Historic Centre of Berat – Albania

Historic Centre of Berat, AlbaniaThe Church of St. Mary of Vllaherna Flickr: deepphoto

6 – Great Barrier Reef – Australia

Daisy coral feeding, Great Barrier Reef, Australia - Possibly Australia's most recognizable World Heritage SitesDaisy coral feeding Flickr: Wibble_Roisin

7 – Grand Canyon National Park – USA

Grand Canyon National Park, USAGrand Canyon National Park, USA Flickr: tsaiprojectGrand Canyon National Park, USAFlickr: grand_canyon_nps

8 – Mount Huangshan – China

Yellow Mountains "The loveliest mountains in China"Yellow Mountains “The loveliest mountains in China”

9 – Pantanal Conservation Area – Brazil

Jaguaress in the Evening SunJaguaress in the evening sun Flickr: tambako

10 – Victoria Falls – Zambia

Victoria Falls, ZambiaSunset at Victoria Falls Flickr: Marina

11 – Rila Monastery – Bulgaria

Rila Monastery in BulgariaRila Monastery Flickr: archer10

12 – Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park – Australia

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Shutterstock Uluru-Kata Tjuta National ParkUNESCO Site Shutterstock, Stanislav Fosenbauer

13 – Monticello and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville – USA

Monticello at duskMonticello at dusk Flickr: small_realm

14 – Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama – Japan

The Wada House, Shirakawa-goThe Wada House, Shirakawa-go Flickr: bryansjs

15 – Iguazu National Park – Argentina

Iguazu Falls ArgentinaIguazu Falls

16 – Okavango Delta – Botswana

Aerial shot of Elephants in the DeltaAerial shot of Elephants in the Delta Flickr: f7oor

17 – Mill Network at Kinderdijk-Elshout – Netherlands

Sunset over the windmills at Kinderdijk - One of Holland's World Heritage SitesSunset over the windmills at Kinderdijk Flickr: jiuguangw

18 –  Tongariro National Park – New Zealand

Volcano in Tongariro National ParkVolcano in Tongariro National Park

19 – Yosemite National Park – USA

Half Dome Yosemite National ParkHalf Dome Yosemite National Park Flickr: dan90266
Yosemite WestYosemite West Flickr: puliarfanita

20 – Hierapolis-Pamukkale – Turkey

PamukkaleSprings at Pamukkale (Cotton Palace)

21 – City of Cuzco – Peru

Rooftops of CuzcoRooftops of Cuzco Flickr: kennethmoore

22 – Mount Kilimanjaro National Park – Tanzania

Baranco Camp - Mt KilimanjaroBaranco Camp – Mt Kilimanjaro Flickr: abzgtphotography

23 – Historic City of Toledo – Spain

Alcázar of Toledo. One of Spain's World Heritage SitesAlcázar of Toledo

24 – Historic District of Old Québec – Canada

Srtreets of Old Quebec with Chateau de Frontenac in the BackgroundSrtreets of Old Quebec with Chateau de Frontenac in the Background Flickr: dhinakaran

25 – Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia – Turkey

Balloon flight over CappadociaBalloon flight over Cappadocia Flickr: teosaurio

25 down, 975 to go! We hope you enjoyed reading this article and rest assured, there is lots more where that came from! If you enjoyed our article you might like to check out our list of 30 Impressive Medieval Castles from all over Europe. Let us know in the comments what your favourite World Heritage Sites are.



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