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All 13 Types of Bird Nests (With 30+ Species Examples)

Female Baya Weaver checkout out a male’s nest in the helmet stage / Shutterstock

Explore the 13 ingenious ways birds construct their nests from the complex pendant of the Baya weaver to the basic scrape of the ringed plover

All 4 Non-Human Apes – A Detailed Comparison

Mountain gorilla in Mgahinga National Park in Uganda | Ondrej Prosicky / Shutterstock

Explore what makes each of the 4 types of apes so unique including a breakdown of their behaviour, location, diet, and physical appearance.

The Evolution of Primates is a Crazy Story

Bonobo mother and baby | Sergey Uryadnikov / Shutterstock

Explore the scientific breakthroughs that have lead to our understanding of the Evolution of Primates and who our closest relatives are.

All 27 Species of Crocodilian (Inc. 3 Recently Discovered)

Baby caiman in the Amazon Basin in Ecuador | Ammit Jack / Shutterstock

Explore all 27 species of crocodilian including crocodiles, alligators, caiman and gavialids and 3 recently discovered species

The Closest Relatives to Cats

Fossa | Jiri Fejkl / Shutterstock

Learn about the families and species most closely related to cats including mongooses, the fossa and four types of hyena

How Animals Climb Trees | Arboreal Locomotion

Tree Frog | Kurit Afshen / Shutterstock

Read about the many methods animals use to climb and move through the trees, collectively referred to as Arboreal Locomotion.

50+ Species of Marsupial from All 19 Families

Koala mother and joey | nattanan726 / Shutterstock

Learn about more than 50 species of marsupial from all 19 families with beautiful photos and cladograms to explore how they are related.

All 8 Biogeographical Realms | Their Animals & Geography

Yacare Caiman in the Pantanal | Ondrej Prosicky / Shutterstock

Explore the unique geography and fauna of the world's 8 Biogeographical Realms and the reason these areas have been historically separated.

What Are Birds of Prey? Explore All 13 Types of Raptor

King vulture | Luis Cesar Tejo/Shutterstock

Birds of prey have hooked beaks and sharp talons used to catch larger prey. Explore all 13 types of raptor including eagles, old-world vultures, new-world vultures, the beautiful secretary bird and owls.

The Musteloidea Superfamily ALL 8 Weasel Subfamilies & 3 Closest Relatives

The stoat or short-tailed weasel | Michal Pesata/Shutterstock

Explore the Musteloidea superfamily, which contains 11 families/subfamilies and includes weasels, martens, otters, badgers, the wolverine, red panda, raccoons and skunks.

All 13 Types of Ungulate (Odd/Even-Toed &… Whales?)

Impala bounding across the savanna | Wayak/Shutterstock

Explore the diverse Ungulate clade, which is split between odd-toed individuals including rhinos and tapirs and even-toed individuals, which includes bovids, deer and whales.

All 8 Species of Bear (+7 Most Beautiful Subspecies)

Grizzly Bear in Denali National Park, Alaska

In this guide, we’ll discuss all 8 species of bear, where they live and discover 7 beautiful subspecies covering a wide range of colour morphs including the Tibetan blue bear and the entirely white spirit bear.

100 Species of Snake Organised by Family and Subfamily

Saharan sand viper / Cerastes vipera

Explore 100 species of snake from constrictors such as boas and pythons, the highly venomous viper and elapid families and many more weird and wonderful species such as the elephant trunk snake!

All 15 Species of Wild Dog (Wolves, Jackals & Dogs)

Dhole puppy in India

Wolves, jackals and wild dogs are the closest relatives to the domestic dog. Explore all 15 species and 3 groups of wild dog with vivid photos.

11 Types of Biome and Their Animals (With 100+ Photos & Maps)

Red deer in the temperate forests of Scotland

Read about the main types of biome and their animals with more than 100 beautiful pictures and maps to explain where each biome exists.

All 40 Species of Wild Cats Organised by Lineage (70+ Photos)

Portrait of a Eurasian Lynx

Felidae is one of the most incredible families in the animal kingdom, explore the wide variety of lineages and species of wild cat with photos and facts.