Discover Suva, Fiji’s Beautiful Bustling Capital

Frankly, there is little to dislike about Fiji, a spectacular group of islands and islets with numerous fantastic beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and a tropical climate providing year-round temperatures above 20˚C. The country is composed of more than 300 islands formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago. The largest island Viti Levu is home to Suva, which became the capital of Fiji in 1877 and is the major political and commercial centre of the country. Fiji’s main international gateway, Nadi International Airport is located three hours away on the opposite side of Viti Levu, however, we thoroughly recommend exploring the history of Fiji in its beautiful capital before relaxing on its glorious beaches and resorts.

Suva sits on a peninsular on the southeastern side of the island, positioned in between two beautiful bays and surrounded by mangroves. As the administrative centre of the country, Suva is home to many important buildings such as Government House, the official residence of its President. One of the most famous buildings in Suva City Library, built in 1909 and funded by Dale Carnegie, a US philanthropist and steel magnate. The Fiji Museum is located in Thurston Gardens, where photographs, artefacts, jewellery and historical items are exhibited. You can also enjoy a stroll along its seawall, a peaceful place to relax, appreciate the view, and meet some locals. To top it off, Suva is also famous for its markets where you can purchase various crafts and some of the most delicious fruit you’ll ever taste!

Suva Public Library
Suva Public Library | Flickr: Julie Lyn
Suva Market
Suva Market | Flickr: Kyle Post

In a country famous for its beaches, you might be surprised to know that Suva’s coastline hardly features any. It is, however, the perfect base camp to explore the eastern portion of the island. Colo-I-Suva Forest Park is a hidden paradise just 28 kilometres from the city, which features lush green forests, hiking trails, and rope swinging into its crystal clear natural swimming pools. Pacific Harbour, the adventure capital of Fiji, is also just 45 minutes away and offers many activities for outdoor enthusiasts such as shark-feeding dives, windsurfing, snorkelling and boating. You can also try Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, ideal to learn in Suva, being surrounded by calm waters which are simply perfect for beginners.

You might be tempted to head straight for the beaches when you reach Fiji, but a stop in Suva is important for many reasons. Learn about Fiji’s history, shop till drop in Suva’s upscale malls and watch a rugby match in its stadium. Suva also has a fantastic nightlife and there are several festivals you should check out if you’re there while they are happening. And last but certainly not least, if you’re visiting in late October, take a look at Fiji fashion week, a relatively new exhibition that brings designers together from all over the world.

Colo-i-Suva Forest Park
Beautiful Flower at Colo-I-Suva Forest Park | Flickr: Tim O’Shea
Suva Bay
Sunset over Suva | Flickr: Kyle Post