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All 15 Species of Wild Dog (Wolves, Jackals & Dogs)

Dhole puppy in India

Wolves, jackals and wild dogs are the closest relatives to the domestic dog. Explore all 15 species and 3 groups of wild dog with vivid photos.

37 Wonders of the World in Chronological Order

The Great Wall of China

Explore 5000 years of history with examples from each major civilization and religion while discovering 37 wonders of the ancient and modern worlds.

11 Types of Biome and Their Animals (With 100+ Photos & Maps)

Red deer in the temperate forests of Scotland

Read about the main types of biome and their animals with more than 100 beautiful pictures and maps to explain where each biome exists.

All 40 Species of Wild Cats Organised by Lineage (70+ Photos)

Portrait of a Eurasian Lynx

Felidae is one of the most incredible families in the animal kingdom, explore the wide variety of lineages and species of wild cat with photos and facts.

Should I Visit Cairo or Luxor? | A Comparison of Ruins, Amenities & More

Pyramids of Giza at Sunset, Cairo, Egypt

Discover which famous ruins are found in Cairo compared to Luxor and discover the differences in setting, transportation, lodging and more.

The Best Places to See Ruins of Ancient Egypt | An Epic Historial Roadtrip

Ceiling of Hathor Temple in Dandarah, Egypt

Read about the top 5 places to see ruins of Ancient Egypt and here my case for the greatest historical road trip on earth from Cairo to Aswan.

What Ancient Egypt was Known For | Its Achievements & Legacy

Carved Relief in Kom Ombo Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Learn about the main achievements Ancient Egypt was known for and explore examples of their legacy: what they left behind and what to look out for.

A Brief History of Ancient Egypt & Where it was Located

Karnak Temple Complex, Luxor, Egypt

Read a brief account of the history of Ancient Egypt, learn where it was located and explore some examples of the ruins left behind from each period.

Where to See Bears | A Worldwide Guide With Every Species

Brown Bear fishing for salmon in Kamchatka, Russia

Did you know it's possible to see bears on four of the seven continents? Explore the best areas to go bear watching including Canada, India, Japan & Siberia.

Where to See Greek Ruins | A Chronological Travel Guide

The Parthenon on Acropolis Hill, Athens

Explore the history of the Greek Empire and where it was located & read a breakdown of the best places to see Greek ruins including Greece, Turkey & Italy.

The 21 New Wonders of The World

Alhambra, Spain

In 2000, over 200 impressive sites were shortlisted, 21 became finalists and this list was ultimately whittled down to the 7 New Wonders of the World.

30 of the Most Incredible Medieval Castles in Europe

Malbork Castle, Poland

Some of the most impressive architecture in Europe is showcased in its medieval castles. Join us as we take a journey through Europe in the Middle Ages.

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Maki Roll

Japanese Cuisine is as fascinating as it is delicious. Join us as we dig a little deeper into Japanese food and drink and the culture that surrounds it.

Central African Wildlife | Top 5 Must-See Animals

Forest elephant in Gabon

The wildlife in Central Africa is some of the most under-visited fauna on the planet, making a visit to see them a unique and personal experience.