A Series Exploring The Most Interesting Families in the Animal Kingdom


New episodes every 1-2 weeks


The Musteloidea Superfamily ALL 8 Weasel Subfamilies & 3 Closest Relatives

Explore the Musteloidea superfamily, which contains 11 families/subfamilies and includes weasels, martens, otters, badgers, the wolverine, red panda, raccoons and skunks.


All 13 Types of Ungulate (Odd/Even-Toed &… Whales?)

Explore the diverse Ungulate clade, which is split between odd-toed individuals including rhinos and tapirs and even-toed individuals, which includes bovids, deer and whales.


All 8 Species of Bear (+7 Most Beautiful Subspecies)

In this guide, we’ll discuss all 8 species of bear, where they live and discover 7 beautiful subspecies covering a wide range of colour morphs including the Tibetan blue bear and the entirely white spirit bear.


100 Species of Snake Organised by Family and Subfamily

Explore 100 species of snake from constrictors such as boas and pythons, the highly venomous viper and elapid families and many more weird and wonderful species such as the elephant trunk snake!

Wild Dogs

All 15 Species of Wild Dog (Wolves, Jackals & Dogs)

Wolves, jackals and wild dogs are the closest relatives to the domestic dog. Explore all 15 species and 3 groups of wild dog with vivid photos.

Wild Cats

All 40 Species & 8 Lineages of Wild Cats (70+ Photos & Facts)

Felidae is one of the most incredible families in the animal kingdom, explore the wide variety of lineages and species of wild cat with photos and facts.


11 Types of Biome and Their Animals (With 100+ Photos & Maps)

Read about the main types of biome and their animals with more than 100 beautiful pictures and maps to explain where each biome exists.